Baja Express

Enabling cross-border rail for passengers

SANDAG must support Baja Light Rail by re-positioning San Ysidro Trolley expansion within SANDAG’s Border Freight Yard

Good afternoon, my name is Miguel Aguirre, Grand Central West, LLC. We own the 2-story Landmark McDonald’s at PED EAST. For over 10 years we’ve advocated for an above-grade trolley due to mobility conflicts in San Diego’s by far busiest Transit Station. This includes lack of private vehicle passenger pick-up and drop-off facilities resulting in costly citations and terrible inequities for San Ysidro.

Baja California Expressway’s (BCE) Tijuana-Tecate Light Rail project is crucial for our region’s workforce development. SANDAG should once again re-examine expanding and re-postioning the San Ysidro trolley terminal inside SANDAG’s border Freight Yard, where their tracks cross into Mexico. The 2014 ITC study conducted preliminary planning in this regard.

Trolley expansion can occur inside SANDAG’s Freight Yard by straddling the City street below, BEHIND McDonald’s. THIS RE-POSITIONING, together with THE BAJA LIGHT RAIL PROJECT, is the best way to successfully EXPAND, and LAUNCH, a POWERFUL SOCIOECONOMIC CATALYST for our binational region. San Diego needs an effective mobility plan in partnership with Baja, NO LESS than the U.S. needs Mexico to remain competitive with China. Our economic and environmental viability is at stake.

DESIGNING A BOLD CROSS-BORDER POLICY, that galvanizes North American competitiveness, is truly in order. BCE’s Tijuana urban rail project, along with the exciting San Diego-Tijuana, JOINT BID for a Prestigious World Design Capital Award in the year 2024, illustrate why SANDAG, too, must think outside the box in advancing a more strategic cross-border dynamic.

SANDAG’s proposed high-speed subway should also be consolidated with San Ysidro’s private Long-haul (intercity) Bus industry. Such unified below-grade terminals must be located immediately next to PED EAST in order to control access with illegal transportation known as wildcatting, a serious and challenging law enforcement and public safety issue.

An above grade trolley, and underground bus/subway system, would incentivize competitive private sector investment to create a World-Class Mobility Project, unlike few people today can imagine. As a region, SANDAG must support the Baja Light Rail Project with expansion of San Diego’s Top Transit Station in San Ysidro. Thank you.

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