Becoming Fusion

There is no greater energy than the power to create we possess within… it is self-sustained, constantly developing and pauses only after a sense of accomplishment before reaching out for continued development “with” others. 


Welcome to “B-Fusion” where we envision flourishment of people-centered infrastructure and a strategic cross-border urbanism that promotes North America for competitive global impact. B-Fusion encourages Port of Entry Communities to invest in a better understanding of public spaces, public-private partnerships, and smart growth planning geared towards Binational Cooperation.  Imagine, formulating pedestrian-oriented environments where economic “Micro” zones meet global “Macro” economics!

Branding this high-density flow of humanity already funneling daily between U.S. and Mexico, with global best practices, catapults the border image and U.S.-Mexico economic relationship. Developing a “Sense of Strategic International Place” with value-added creative-innovation industries and intellectual collaboration would generate a multiplier effect of endless, indeed, individual life changing connections “with” the world.  Such a transit and destination-oriented socioeconomic dynamic would further reduce auto dependence and improve air-quality along U.S.-Mexico border communities and cities.

Please join us in “Becoming Fusion” that creatively transforms cross-border land-use mobility into economic hubs inherent in the wonderous spaces where countries first meet!

Miguel Aguirre, Founder & CEO, Border Fusion Group, June 2020

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